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Our Goals for this Guide

 Startups have a great influence on the innovative power of our society. However, they need support in decisive growth phases. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard for startups to find the right support within the pool of possibilities. We are also of the opinion that many great programs are not as visible as they deserve. For that reason we decided to create this book, which summarizes the most important features of each program, to help startups and accelerators finding their right fit.

Hey startups, we’d like to support you

Startup scene, the name says it all. It seems like everyone knows everyone and many things happen through personal networks. However, once you discover how many support programs are available to entrepreneurs and startups in Germany, you will be pleasantly surprised! Which is why we wanted to develop a guide for founders like you, which will help to quickly find the right program for your needs.

Accelerators, show us what you got

“We offer everything to everyone” – this may seem impressive on the website, however, we believe that founders are better served in their research for support programs if they can quickly understand what expertise a program can truly offer. For once, we are turning the tables so startups can hear from accelerator programs about their unique USPs. 


Stop the buzzword bingo

As long as it’s about innovation! Everyone calls it differently, and yet we frequently refer to the same thing. We have observed that the terminology in the innovation environment has developed a life of its own, which may sound colorful, but is not very helpful to Germany as a business location. Therefore we want to lay the foundation for a reference guide on the classification of German innovation programs so everyone can be on the same page for once.

Knowledge is key

Clearly, innovation and entrepreneurship are by definition riddled with a lot of uncertainty and little structure, especially in the “start-up” phase. Nevertheless, we believe that a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial motivations, especially on the part of program operators, will help the scene as a whole and thus Germany as a business location.





Participating Programs

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I didn’t receive the download link. What do I do now?

We are really sorry for the inconvenience. If you didn’t receive the download link then you can access the Accelerator Guide via this link:

I’m an accelerator how can I sign up?

If you want to participate in the future that’s not an issue. You can access the form all year round.
Please register on:

Some programs have a digital profile on the website. Can we get one too?

Of course, please contact us through the form if you’re interested.

We charge a small, one-time fee for the digital profile. This guarantees you a spot on our main page until the publication of the next edition.
Even if your program is not registered in the current edition, the creation of a digital profile is possible.

We are interested in placing an ad in the Accelerator Guide.

You are more than welcome to contact us about a potential ad space in the Accelerator Guide. Please contact us via the contact form so we can discuss the various options individually.

There are some changes in our program. Is there a possibility to update our entry?

The startup world is constantly changing. We understand that.
We try to be as up-to-date as possible so if your program has undergone some changes let us know.
Please use the contact form to inform us about the changes you’d like to make.

Is there a printed version? If so, how can I order it?

Yes, there is an exclusive print version.

You will have access to them in many Entrepreneurship Centers, Coworking Spaces, Accelerator Programs and some other places from November on.
We will also be happy to send you copies by mail. Please use the contact form to inform us about the amount and the shipping address.

We charge a minimum amount to cover the shipping fee – otherwise the exclusive print version is free of charge.

How often is a new or updated edition published?

We will publish a new edition every year.
In the meantime, we will regularly update the PDF and inform about updates via email.

Further Questions?

You can always contact us via the contact form or at: or +49 (0) 89 2488 1654-0.

About Us

We at TEC think that startups should be supported by an ecosystem. And an ecosystem should be supported by people working on it.  That is why we are continuously developing new methods to make an impact. Under the slogan “It takes a city|region to raise a startup“, we are already publishing annual campaigns in cooperation with and for startup ecosystems. It is our goal to demonstrate what each ecosystem has to offer. To achieve this, we are creating transparency, reminding people to support each other and to provide connections. We link startups, corporates and players from different ecosystems to further innovation. Locally and nationally. Digitally and physically – and with this guide even in print. 

We simply love to connect the world of startup ecosystems.

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Founder & CEO
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Business Development
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Digital Communication

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